Protesters from the San Francisco Women's March walk past the Crazy Horse strip club on Market Street.

The San Francisco Women's March stretches as far as the eye can see.

On September 20th, 2019, about 8,000 climate activists rallied in Downtown San Francisco to demand climate action from political leaders. Youth vs. Apocalypse, a group of diverse, young youth from the Bay Area took the initiative and organized the march. Students protested outside of many companies—such as BlackRock and PG&E—that are slowing progress towards fighting climate change. Youth vs. Apocalypse recognizes that this fight is not easy, and it requires the whole world to change the way that they have been living in a short time period. While change can be difficult, the youth have made it clear that change is absolutely necessary if we want to have a future on this planet.

A singer pauses for a breath at The Bay Church, an evangelical Christian megachurch in Concord, CA.

An indigenous marcher participates in a Climate Strike in San Francisco on September 7, 2018.

An speaker wearing a jacket in tribute to the founding of the Black Panther Movement waits to go onstage at the 2019 Women's March in Downtown Oakland.

"Bow Down" is a common expression used by seniors on rally day. The juniors usually retaliate with a crude remark.

A student blocks a spray of Silly String. Instead of pepper spray, students battle it out between classes with water bottles (which are actually very dangerous when thrown into a crowd), shouting, smoke bombs, and Silly String.

A student is led away by police during a rowdy day of school spirit at Berkeley High School.

Award-winning journalist and Berkeley High School alumna, Natalie Orenstein, poses for a photo outside a newspaper box in North Berkeley. However, it's purpose is only illustrative—Berkeleyside is published online.

Recreational Vehicles

School board member Josh Daniels is faced with dozens of teachers demanding higher wages.

Karen Korematsu speaks before a captive audience of students in the Florence Schwimley Theatre at Berkeley High School.

Karen Korematsu, the founder of the Korematsu Institute, fields questions from students about her father, Fred Korematsu, and Japanese internment in California.

Behind the Scenes

A candidate for a school government position speaks to the crowd. Another candidate would later steal passwords to students' emails to cheat and win the election, reminding many students of President Donald Trump's involvement with the 2016 election.

Gwen Jones, class of 1973, carries balloons to her year's tent at the Berkeley High School All Class reunion in San Pablo Park.

A member of the Berkeley Climate Activists club replaces the batteries in his megaphone before he returns to the front of the procession.

A homeless man sleeping on the Embarcadero in San Francisco is overshadowed by the $6.4 billion San Francisco Bay Bridge. 

A police officer waits for other units to arrive as students form a crowd outside city hall and small fights break out between classes. Berkeley High School's annual rally day is a way for students to show school spirit and release energy, but things have traditionally gotten out of hand, and this year was no exception.

Berkeley High students, mostly seniors and juniors, run towards UC Berkeley on rally day.

Berkeley High School students destroy a food delivery robot from Kiwibot, a prominent Berkeley startup.

A student waves a flag above his classmates on rally day—Berkeley High School's uncontrolled day of school spirit.

Rings are just one of the thousands of handmade goods available at the weekly Ashby Flea Market in South Berkeley.

Dancers from the Berkeley High School Dance Production class perform a student-choreographed dance on the closing night of their annual show.

A man rides a Lime scooter past Twitter's headquarters on Market Street.